Chingiz Adilov
is a designer
specializing in
art direction, branding,
and interactive

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According to the new order the product has to be new identity of product and design of new web site the brief consists of making of model of 3d iphone case, logo brand identity and making of web site design
I created the design of this web site is like styles of old video games, because product looks like Sega Nintendo cassettes.

and i found an idea like that:
"Order the product from 80's to the future"

During the loading of the site the preloader is moving conversely. this is loading from this year, to 1980 years. Furthermore you are an able to see 80's style interface.

Looking at the interface and it can be seen that all things are pixelate such as 80's video games.therefore it makes thoughts that it is possible to order from the past to the future and there is feeling about being in the past.

Retrofy, Switzerland 2017